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Eclipse Airedales

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Homeward bound

Posted by buystuff77 on August 27, 2020 at 9:40 PM

Eclipse Airedale Puppies

Weeks 8, 9 and 10!!!!!!!!!!


The first of the puppies went home August 26th. Celeste went to Janis and John Lonergan.

On the 27th Jazz became Rufus and went home with Jessica Tenzer and Ira Hammes.

And Aqua, now Hahns, went home with Morgan Balatsos and Caleta, their Labradoodle, to her husband Nick.

Lava, who is now Glitch hitched a ride to Asheville NC to eventually meet up with Jensen Tasker, thanks to Morgan's generosity as the chauffeur! Jensen was happy to get him.

 On August 28th, Alice Peterson flew home with her pup Forest, who is now known as Mickey.

In the evening Tekla enjoyed some fun with Leafy.  I think she is teaching her bite inhibition." target="_blank">http://

Tekla customizes each lesson to the needs of the puppy. Monarch's lesson is more gentle." target="_blank">http://

On September 7th, Jenni Harris picked up Leafy.

And on September 8th, Carole and I drove Monarch to the Chicago Airport so he could fly back to Calgary Canada with Jonathan Gleadle who has named him George.

I am so happy to have all of you as members of the Eclipse Airedale Family! I couldn't imagine a more wonderful bunch of puppy people! I look forward to hearing all about your journeys through life with your pups! And I am always here to help in any way that I can.

Hugs to all of you,


Testing and swimming

Posted by buystuff77 on August 25, 2020 at 11:15 PM

Week 8 Eclipse Airedale Puppies!!!!!!!!

Today the first four puppies were evaluated by Irina Lockwood-DeVries with the assistance of Laura Hooser, a friend from the Greater Lafayette Kennel Club. It was fascinating to see the reactions of Leafy, Celeste, Aqua and Lava to the various challenges of the Avidog Puppy Evaluation Test.

Once we were done, we took the pups swimming! It was fun to see the 7 pups running, splashing, climbing and swiming with each other and with 7 people who were determined to not let any pups escape back into the wild! Carole, Janis, John, Morgan, Jessica, Ira and I had a great time playing with the pups.

Below are photos and videos of our adventure.

Carole and Morgan

Jessica, Morgan and Janis

Janis and Morgan preparing for the big swim race

Morgan and Janis race Leafy Celeste and Monarch! No clear winner." target="_blank">http://

Jessica, Morgan, John and Ira raceng puppies! Forest wins and is congratulated by Leafy! Lava and Jazz are next. And finally, Aqua!" target="_blank">http://


Posted by buystuff77 on August 23, 2020 at 10:10 PM

Week 8 Eclipse Airedale Puppies!!!!!!!!

Carole and I conducted an informal assessment of each pup while each was loose in the front yard. We assessed several traits that are important in cometition obedience and agility. If a pup is not good in one category, that is something that the owner can focus on to improve the pup's skills.









Playing with Mommy

Posted by buystuff77 on August 22, 2020 at 9:20 PM

Week 8 Eclipse Airedale Puppies!!!!!!!!

Not much happened today since we were getting ready for the Eclipse Airedale family of puppy owners to arrive. Cleaning, vacuuming, laundry, replacing bedding in the pup pen...

But I did catch a cute moment when Tekla was playing with her puppies from outside the pen. Tekla is a very fun and playful dog and her puppies seem to be very playful too." target="_blank">http://

Happy 7 Week Birthday!

Posted by buystuff77 on August 21, 2020 at 5:30 PM

Week 8 Eclipse Airedale Puppies!!!!!!!!

For their 7-week birthday party all of the puppies got to go swimming for the very first time!

First were Leafy and Aqua. "Hey, this is a lot more fun than having a bath in the kitchen sink!"" target="_blank">http://

Then Forest and Jazz. "I'm really good at dock diving, Forest!" "No way, I swim better than you do, Jazz."" target="_blank">http://

And finally, Celeste, Monarch and Lava. "I don't really like wet feet." "You are such a wimp, Monarch!" "I like the mud, Lava."   "I like to explore!!!!" "Yer supposed to be swimming!!" "I swim the best!" "Sez who?"" target="_blank">http://

"Time to go home, Puppies." "I don't want to go home!" "I want to swim more!" "Hey, get your wet tail out of my face!" "Let me out of here!" "I can swim faster than you!" "I got water up my nose and in my ears!" "I need a nap!"... A car full of soggy doggies! Everyone is complaining!" target="_blank">http://

Happy Birthday, Puppies!

Vet Visit

Posted by buystuff77 on August 20, 2020 at 6:40 PM

Week 7 Eclipse Airedale Puppies!!!!!!!

The puppies received their DA2PP vaccines today. It was their second trip in the car, with the first one being when they were 3 days old. There was a lot of complaining during the trip across town! They rode in my double crate.

Their veterinarian, Dr. Kim McMunn is an agility friend from the Greater Lafayette Kennel Club. She said all pups were in good health.


Posted by buystuff77 on August 19, 2020 at 4:50 PM

Week 7 Eclipse Airedale Puppies!!!!!!!




Tha puppies have had more visitors this week. On Sunday they were visited by Rhonda Walker and her granddaughters Aubrey, 10 years old and Natalie, 8 years. Unfortunately, I didn't get photos of the girls playing with the puppies :(.

Today, the pups were visited by Edie Lawson (who visited previously) and Dave Lawson. I am trying to get a variety of visitors to come, and so far, the pups have liked them all, not to mention nibbled on them all! Here is a photo of Dave Lawson with a pup.

The pups got another bath today. Wow, were they dirty little pigs! But they all did well with the baths. However, I was drenched from my neck to my ankles by the time we were done. Carole did an excellent job of drying each pup.

I am starting to get the pups used to being alone in a crate. I've set up three crates just a few feet away from the big pen. Each pup got a little time alone in a crate this afternoon. There was a little complaining, but soon they just fell asleep.

You can see the big x-pen containing the other pups, just a few feet away.

You can see that two pups are napping in the potty box!  Monarch's preferred place to sleep is in the potty box! Sometimes he invites a friend to join him. Today, it was Leafy.


Posted by buystuff77 on August 18, 2020 at 6:45 PM

Week 7 Eclipse Airedale Puppies!!!!!!!

Puppy Party!

Friends came over to play with the pups outside. It was a wild time! Thanks to Carole, Zoe, Isaac, Jensen and Donna for visiting the pups." target="_blank">http://

This video starts with a writhing mass of puppies and ends with Aqua doing the tunnel. All of the pups have enjoyed the tunnel even though I don't have videos of all of them." target="_blank">http://

These videos feature a lot of fun chaos! The pups have gotten very bold about being outside and exploring. They also have become great at following either Tekla or a person." target="_blank">http://" target="_blank">http://" target="_blank">http://

Asphalt is a new surface for the pups. No problem!" target="_blank">http://

Tekla attempts to teach her pups how to do the tunnel. But she is too fast and reads my cues as me wanting her to enter from the end closest to the camera." target="_blank">http://

The Puppy Party moved indoors to the Agility Disneyland in the basement." target="_blank">http://" target="_blank">http://" target="_blank">http://" target="_blank">http://

Celeste is having a hard day!" target="_blank">http://

Stairs just make no sense!" target="_blank">http://" target="_blank">http://" target="_blank">http://

The stairs were absolutely exhausting!" target="_blank">http://

The next day...

I love the puppies even though they have become black and tan piranhas!!!" target="_blank">http://

Now the pups are all very enthusiastic about chasing the pheasant wing. Do those feathers really taste good??? Sorry about the videography. It is hard to manage the pup, the camera and the fishing pole with only 2 hands.

Forest" target="_blank">http://

Lava" target="_blank">http://

Leafy" target="_blank">http://

Jazz" target="_blank">http://

Celeste" target="_blank">http://

Monarch" target="_blank">http://

Aqua" target="_blank">http://

See each Pup

Posted by buystuff77 on August 15, 2020 at 11:00 PM

Week 7 Eclipse Airedale Puppies!!!!!!!

When pups are stacked, a specific way of standing a dog, it is easier to analyze their structure than when they are running around. Jensen and I photographed each pup while stacked today, although some pups were less cooperative in holding the pose for a good photo.

The goal is to stand the pup with front legs straight and perpendicular to the ground,with the hocks perpendicular to the ground, the head and tail up. Some of the characteristics to note include...

How level is the pup's back?

How long is the back?

What is the angulation through the shoulders?

What is the angulation of the hind legs?

Is the tail set high on the dog's back?

What is the shape of the tail?

What is the shape of the head and neck?

The various parts of the pup's body grow at different rates. So at about 6 months, the pups often have a small head and a disproportionately large body. Sometimes the rear will appear high. But if you stack a pup at roughly 6 to 7 weeks of age, their proportions are fairly similar to their final adult proportions. Here are the photos.









Last night Dahlia had an adventure. After I went to bed at 2AM and before Greg got up at 5:30AM, Dahlia escaped and walked 25 feet, pooped twice and curled up for a nap while wrapped around the leg of the dining room table! 

This photo shows Dahlia's size compared to Aqua's.


Posted by buystuff77 on August 14, 2020 at 9:30 PM

Week 6 Eclipse Airedale puppies!!!!!!

The puppies went for short walks in the brush. They enjoyed running around and exploring. The puppies are much more bold outside now.

When it was all over, the pups were covered in little green velcro balls that needed to be combed out by Greg and Carole.

And of course there was time to play in the big pen.

And more play in the agility Disneyland! Jensen Tasker came to visit for a few days from North Carolina. She will be getting one of the male pups in a few weeks." target="_blank">http://

Play, play, play..." target="_blank">http://" target="_blank">http://" target="_blank">http://

The pups got their second chance to play with the pheasant wing.

Forest" target="_blank">http://

Lava" target="_blank">http://

Leafy" target="_blank">http://

Jazz" target="_blank">http://

Celeste" target="_blank">http://" target="_blank">http://

Monarch" target="_blank">http://

Aqua" target="_blank">http://

***But the most exciting adventure was meeting the RAT!!!

Dianna Hilderbrand, a friend from the kennel club, brought her two rats who are veterans in Barn Hunt. They weren't at all bothered by the puppies.

Dianna with her female rat.

The rat goes into a cage.

This is what the pups see and hear when near the cage. Sorry, I can't reproduce for you what the pups smell!!!" target="_blank">http://

All the pups had a reaction similar to Celeste. They didn't seem to understand the situation." target="_blank">http://

However, Jazz had a strong opinion about the rat." target="_blank">http://

So we tried it again with the male rat, who is stinkier, this time... up close and personal.

Forest" target="_blank">http://

Lava" target="_blank">http://

Leafy" target="_blank">http://

Jazz" target="_blank">http://

Celeste" target="_blank">http://

Monarch" target="_blank">http://

Aqua" target="_blank">http://

Cava" target="_blank">http://

Tekla" target="_blank">http://

Tekla has a lot to say from a safe distance." target="_blank">http://

Jin" target="_blank">http://

Fun outside

Posted by buystuff77 on August 11, 2020 at 5:00 PM

Week 6 Eclipse Airedale Pups!!!!!!

The pups are having fun outside this week. I took the pups, two at a time, for their first walk, starting in our front yard, around the side of the house to the deck in the back. You can study the behavior of each pup and get to know some of their traits.

Which pups are very focused on me?

Which pups are distracted?

Which like to run to catch up with me?

Which pups want to explore the plants and woods?

Which are determined to be where the action is?

Which want to stop and make their own fun?

Which pups are cautious?

Which are gonzo?

You will hear lots of complaining in the background from the rest of the pups that are stuck in the x-pen outside awaiting their turns.

This video shows Aqua and Jazz" target="_blank">http://

This video shows Lava and Monarch" target="_blank">http://

This video shows Leafy and Celeste" target="_blank">http://

This video whows Forest and Jazz (again)" target="_blank">http://

I apologize for being annoyingly perky in the above videos! Believe me, it was exhausting!

The pups had their first interaction with a dried pheasant wing, well other than smelling it when they were one week old. The wing was sent to me by a friend who does bird hunting with his Airedale. He raises pheasants, and dried a few wings for me. He trains his pups to love the smell of birds so that as hunting partners they enthusiastically retrieve birds. Airedales were developed in the dales of northern England, James Herriot country, to be all purpose hunting dogs. So retrieving birds was one of their original jobs. Look closely at the videos to determine...

Which pups were really interested in the wing?

Which had no interest in the wing?

Which pups were so enthralled by my presence that they had no interest in the wing?

Which pups think that grass is a tasty snack?

Forest" target="_blank">http://

Lava" target="_blank">http://

Leafy" target="_blank">http://

Jazz" target="_blank">http://

Celeste" target="_blank">http://

Monarch" target="_blank">http://

Aqua" target="_blank">http://

Dahlia! OK, it's not exactly a pheasant, but she is intereste in the wing!" target="_blank">http://

After All of that activity, some of us just needed a power-nap. I chose the couch...

But these two chose the potty box! To each his/her own!

The pups had two new visitors today. These are friends of Greg's from work.

This is Crispn.

And this is Garret.

All kinds of fun!

Posted by buystuff77 on August 9, 2020 at 7:30 PM

Week 6 Eclipse Airedale Puppies!!!!!!

Friday was Momma Tekla's Third Birthday!!! It was so nice to have a big family gathering to celebrate: Tek and her 8 pups!

Here I am preparing to serve an extra good Birthday meal for Tekla and her family. Thanks to Janis Lonergan for the cute Airedale Apron!

They enjoyed playing bitey face, of course.

The pups had a lot of fun this week. Here are several videos of them enhjoying their time in the large pen.

Mommy enjoys playing Bitey Face with her pups. They seem to be ganging up on her, but she can hold her own. In the end, Celeste gives mom a nice ear wash." target="_blank">http://

More Bitey Face with everyone inside the crate.. Leafy and Lava say that they would really rather get to the milk bar!" target="_blank">http://

Mommy would really like to come in and join the fun!" target="_blank">http://

The tunnel is a big hit with the puppies." target="_blank">http://" target="_blank">http://" target="_blank">http://

We are exposing the pups to sounds that are strange to them but could be common in a household.

Bubble wrap. pop!" target="_blank">http://

Vacuum cleaner sound around the corner." target="_blank">http://

And more vacuum cleaner. I really didn't intend for Greg to come so close!" target="_blank">http://

Puppies outside for the first time!

Forest Celeste, Aqua and Lava in the x-pen on grass. They seemed a little anxious, so the next time I put Tekla in the pen with them, which seemed to make it OK." target="_blank">http://" target="_blank">http://

Jazz, Leafy and Monarch" target="_blank">http://

After coming in from outside, the puppies each got their first bath. Here is Aqua enjoying the soap and water. Leafy and Jazz were the only pups who seemed to put up a struggle. Thanks to Carole Peerman for helping with all of the baths." target="_blank">http://

More Bitey Face with mom." target="_blank">http://

And now for one of my favorite activities that I do with my puppies...Agility Disneyland!

The pups get exposed to many different sights and sounds. They learn to use their bodies for climbing and tipping a teeter, going under and over things. They have room to run and explore. With the 2009 litter, none of the pups were afraid of the teeter when they got to agility class. They were pretty bomb-proof!

The metal crate pan teeter going BANG! on the concrete floor doesn't seem to bother anyone in this intrepid group!" target="_blank">http://" target="_blank">http://" target="_blank">http://

The pups had a couple of visitors over the past few days. Candy McKing is a friend who I've known for years, with her Airedales Ted and Patty, from obedience trials.

And Zoe is a friend from the kennel club who runs a very sweet Am Staff in agility.

Back in the big pen, Forest and Aqua were playing tug when suddenly a big dispute broke out. Was someone cheating while playing tug? Are there even rules to that game? Who knows! But something sure got them going. In the end Forest retained the tug rope." target="_blank">http://

Fun in the new pen

Posted by buystuff77 on August 4, 2020 at 1:45 PM

Week 5 Eclipse Airedale Puppies!!!!!

Yesterday Greg and I set up the big new pen in the living room. Last night about 1AM I hung some toys in the pen.This is similar to the Avidog Adventure Box, for those who are into Avidog, a great company that provides all kinds of educational materials for breeders and puppy owners. I will refer to this as the Fun Bar in my pen.

Hey! Who pooped on the A-frame???

As you will see in the videos below, the Fun Bar lets pups make clanging sounds with a metal lid and wisk, play tug with a glove, clack together plastic objects that bop them gently in the head etc. The pups really love this!

This is the stage of the pups' development that I have been waiting for! We will get to see lots of behaviors and learn who each pup really is! I love this!!!

Here are Leafy on the right and Forest on the left, discovering the Fun Bar." target="_blank">http://

Monarch enjoyed playing too. Mommy Tekla would like to play, but these toys are for the babies!" target="_blank">http://

In this video Lava does the baby A-frame, plays with the grey lamb toy and the clanging lid, while Jazz gives an excellent tug performance with the glove. Celest also plays with the lid and  does the A-frame; it appears that she is practicing her 2 on/2 off contact behavior! Lava tries to do an illegal side entry to the A-frame but is prevented by Aqua grabbing him by the tail and hauling him off! Forrest plays with the glove too. What fun!!!" target="_blank">http://

Finally, Celeste on the right and Lava on the left have fun. Lava felt it necessary to congratulate Celeste on her performance!" target="_blank">http://

Climb every mountain! Poop far below..." target="_blank">http://

The school bus departs for the cafeteria." target="_blank">http://

And now the school bus returns to the play ground." target="_blank">http://

Apparently the family crate just isn't big enough for Jazz.

Aqua, Forest and Celeste now like to drink water out of the water bucket in the pen like big dogs.

Celeste Aqua and Jazz play with the big tug." target="_blank">http://

More action in the puppy pen." target="_blank">http://

Even more action." target="_blank">http://


New pen

Posted by buystuff77 on August 3, 2020 at 8:55 PM

Eclipse Airedale Pups week 5 !!!!!

Today the pups and Tekla moved out into the living room and a new luxurious pen! There is plenty of room to play! It's got a potty area, lots of room for toys and being with Mommy. There is a nice big crate attached for sleeping. But best of all, from the human perspective, the pen is so tall that no one is able to crawl over the side!!!

And since it is in the living room, it is a more comfortable place for the humans on Team Tekla." target="_blank">http://

Tekla is always finding a way to challenge her babies." target="_blank">http://

Time Flies When You're Having Fun!

Posted by buystuff77 on August 3, 2020 at 12:10 AM

Week 5 Eclipse Airedale Puppies!!!!!

Time Flies When You're Having Fun! Sorry for the gap in my posting! Sometimes things get very busy around here!

Janis Lonergan came for a visit  for several days while Greg was out of town. Janis owns Alf, the pups' dad, but he had to stay in Iowa. She was a huge help with the puppies during a very busy time.

The pups are eating half of their meals in the kitchen out of a big pan. They love puppy mush.

Janis and I took Tekla and Cava for a hike. We all enjoyed a short break away from the pups!

At the end of the hike, we stopped at the stream for some splashing and bumper retrieves. This is the location where I hope to take the pups swimming in a few weeks. The water is very shallow and moves slowly." target="_blank">http://

The puppies played with new and old toys while exploring some new surfaces. Tekla was outside of the puppy room but really wanted in to play with the toys in the whelping box. Here she is looking into the room.

Tek really wanted in the room, but it seemed too crowded in the whelping box." target="_blank">http://

Tekla is determined! She managed to get the door open but Janis captured her before she could grab the toys." target="_blank">http://

Finally, we let her in the whelping box with pups and toys. Tekla played the cutest game of bitey face with Jazz. I have never seen her play so gently in her entire life!" target="_blank">http://

Tekla and Aqua enjoy playing with toys together." target="_blank">http://

The pups investigated new toys and the balance disk as a new surface." target="_blank">http://

Jazz and Celeste enjoy a game of Tag, you're it!" target="_blank">http://

Bubble wrap sure does make a cool noise!" target="_blank">http://

Celeste is very unhappy that some of her siblings are getting a snack with mommy while she is stuck in the box. She is very strong and determined. She was able to escape from this bin.

Let us Out!!!!

Jazz thinks that pull-ups are a good form of exercise. He wants to grow up to be a big strong Airedale!" target="_blank">http://

Oh so busy in the whelping box!

Posted by buystuff77 on July 29, 2020 at 3:10 PM

Eclipse Airedale Pups Week 4!!!!

Dahlia is our smallest pup. She generally gets fed first but likes to be present when the other pups are feeding. She seems to always climb up on Tekla to get the best view of the situation. She is a little cutie. And she likes puppy mush.

This video is mostly to let you enjoy the loud protests of the huge injustice when some siblings get to eat and others don't! They definitely have an opinion!" target="_blank">http://

Today I added a few toys plus a tunnel and a wire cooling rack to the whelping box. The pups enjoyed playing and exploring these novel objects.

Aqua meets the big fish, how appropriate!" target="_blank">http://

Forest interacts with the tunnel and the cooling rack while Dahlia seems unimpressed." target="_blank">http://" target="_blank">http://

Monarch thinks the tunnel is a great place." target="_blank">http://" target="_blank">http://

Jazz and Monarch are not concerned about walking on the cooling rack." target="_blank">http://

A funny sound catches their attention but isn't scary." target="_blank">http://

While most of the siblings are sleeping, Lava plays his first game of tug. Not bad for being only 3 and a half weeks old!" target="_blank">http://

Then Leafy and finally Monarch join the game of tug. Hey, you sleepyheads, you are missing big fun!" target="_blank">http://" target="_blank">http://

Leafy likes toes but those little teeth are really sharp!" target="_blank">http://

And now for something really silly..." target="_blank">http://

Toys, Surfaces, Mush

Posted by buystuff77 on July 27, 2020 at 5:15 PM

Eclipse Airedales Week 4!!!!

After breakfast today I decided to do some stretches. Here I am doing back extensions with my helper, Tekla. The extra weight makes the exercise more challenging!

The pups got to play with toys again and they seemed more interested than yesterday." target="_blank">http://

I added in a cold metal cookie sheet so they could experience an unusual surface while playing with their toys." target="_blank">http://" target="_blank">http://" target="_blank">http://" target="_blank">http://

Then we had Mush Mania!" target="_blank">http://" target="_blank">http://

Tekla enjoyed cleaning up the pups after Mush Mania ended. Here she is with them after lunch." target="_blank">http://

I enjoy sitting in the whelping box with these cute baby dogs." target="_blank">http://


Posted by buystuff77 on July 26, 2020 at 7:10 PM

Week 4 Eclipse Airedale Puppies!!!!

Teeth! Little sharp needle teeth! They are coming in! Tekla will not be pleased!

Uppers - Dahlia

Lowers - Lava

This is what teeth are used for... biting ears, tails and noses. And I hear some "vicious" growling!" target="_blank">http://

Two more visitors today! Donna Jones with Jazz

And with Lava.

And Carole Peerman with Dahlia.

Donna and Carole have been agility students with me. Donna runs a Boxer and an English Cocker Spaniel and Carole runs a Toy Poodle.

Jazzi s being very sweet with Donna while Forest is testing out his new teeth on Carole's finger!

Sleepy Monarch.

Today the pups met some toys for the first time. Mostly they didn't seem impressed. But when they get a little older I'm sure they will love their toys.

I forgot to mention that Celeste climbed over the low side of the whelping box and escaped today! We will need to put the final board on to make that side taller.


Yesterday I took Cava and Tekla for a walk in the woods at Martell Forest. It was the first time Tekla had been out on an adventure since before the pups arrived. I was happily walking along the trail with the dogs in the lead. I came to a turn in the path that was way above the creek with a steep cliff and a nice view. Cava was sitting on the edge with her bumper in her mouth. But Tekla's bumper was laying close to the edge and there was no sign of her!

When I got to the edge, I saw that Tekla was waaaay down there playing in the creek! She must have jumped off the cliff! Crazy dog! There was no way that she could come back up the way she had gone down, although she sure did try. The trail proceeded back away from the edge and I knew that it was a long way before the trail came close to the creek again. So there was the problem of how to get Tekla back.

She started running back and forth looking for a way to get back up. At times she disappeared into the bushes. I thought "Oh Great! I've lost the mommy dog!" I saw a steep gorge up ahead, perpendicular to the creek and decided that I needed to creep into it and try to get Tekla to come around and up that way. Fortunately Tekal has a good recall. So when I called her from the gorge, she ran around to me and we both climbed the steep slippery hill back to the trail. Cava met us at the top, still holding her bumper.

Greg went on the same walk today with Cava. He took photos at the place where Tekla jumped. Here is Cava looking out over the edge of the cliff down to the creek waaaay below.

And here are other views of the cliff. It is impossible to capture in a photo how high up this is, so please use your imagination!

Poop, Play and Puppy Mush

Posted by buystuff77 on July 25, 2020 at 1:25 PM

Week 4 Eclipse Airedale Puppies!!!!

The pups are now 22 days old.

I am proud to present to you this lovely image of a Poopy Puppy Pad! Those wonderful piles of poop were left there without my even being present to see it happen. But it means that some of the pups are getting the idea that there is a particular place to leave poop and pee, and that place is not where you sleep and play and eat. Since I haven't previously tried this method to potty train such young pups, I'm amazed and thrilled that 3-week-old pups are able to learn this. I hope it makes it much easier for their future owners to potty train them.

And what goes with puppy poo?  Poo on a shoe of course!

This video made me laugh. The five brothers were having a little bonding time together as the three sisters cuddled in the corner napping. They look like scary dudes having a rumble." target="_blank">http://

I am now starting to get the pups interested in puppy mush. It takes a few weeks to get pups used to the mush and weaned off of mom. For quite a while they will get both mush and mom at meal time. Here you see Forest eating from a silver spoon, OK it isn't really silver." target="_blank">http://

Dahlia is our smallest pup so I really started presenting puppy mush so that she could get extra calories. She seems to not have a very strong suck response on Tekla's nipples, so getting extra food into her is a plus. She is a little sloppy with eating off of the spoon!

After Dahlia finished eating her puppy mush, big sister Celeste helped out by licking the leftovers off of Dahlia's legs and face. What a nice sister!" target="_blank">http://

Growing up

Posted by buystuff77 on July 24, 2020 at 1:45 PM

Week 4 Eclipse Airedale Puppies!!!!

Today is the pups' three week birthday. They are starting their fourth week of life and are 21 days old.

The pups' ears are open. So they can now hear me tell them how cute they are, and that I love them. 

Here is an example from five days ago when the ears were still closed.

This fine specimen of an open ear belongs to Monarch.

This is how an open ear looks in situ.

The pups have experienced a lot of things in the past 24 hours. We gave them their fourth set of collars. These are a little wider so you can see the pattern a little better. We gave them their first worming. Apparently all puppies have worms that they get in the form of eggs from their mother. So they need to be wormed every two to three weeks. We used a vanilla-flavored liquid wormer that all seemed to think was yummy.

I gave them their first taste of puppy mush consisting of soggy ground up puppy kibble mixed with Esbilac milk replacer made from goat milk. By the end of the week we should be well into weaning them, much to Tekla's relief!

Celeste tasting puppy mush for the first time.

Jazz tasting puppy mush.

Forest likes puppy mush." target="_blank">http://

But they still prefer mommy's milk bar. Aqua is demonstrating his originality in the event of "Free-style Feeding"! This move is called the "Supine Slurp".

Tekla has discovered Puppies as Furniture. Here she is using Leafy as an arm rest.

Previously, Tek used Leafy as a pillow, but I put a stop to that. I was concerned that Tekla's big head would squash her pillow.

They also had some sweet cuddly moments.