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Tuesday May 4, Day 56

Posted by buystuff77 on May 13, 2021 at 12:05 AM

Tekla X Force


A little more from their 8-week birthday.

They decided to escape from the Agility Wonderland into the kennel run walk-up!!! This was their own idea. Who is the ring leader?

Hey, look at this! How come we never noticed this door before? Let's see where it goes." target="_blank">http://

The guards arent watching! Everyone out! Hurry!" target="_blank">http://

Oh Sweet Freedom!" target="_blank">http://

Tuesday May 4, Day 56

Posted by buystuff77 on May 4, 2021 at 2:55 PM

Tekla X Force


Happy 8 Week Birthday, Puppies!!!!!!!!

This will be an exciting week!

You get to go to your new homes with

people who L❤️VE you!!!!

Tranquile fun in the x-pen." target="_blank">http://

Then an argument broke out!" target="_blank">http://

Mom rushed over to put an end to the yelling." target="_blank">http://

A quiet scrum is more like it." target="_blank">http://

But mom stays close to make sure tempers have cooled." target="_blank">http://

Hey, You! Two-legged one! We could use some water in here." target="_blank">http://

That's better!" target="_blank">http://

Monday May 3, Day 55

Posted by buystuff77 on May 3, 2021 at 8:50 PM

Tekla X Force


Today for the first time Tekla joined the pups in the Agility Wonderland. She still checks to make sure their butts are clean, and they are almost over wanting to nurse since mom grouches at them when they try.

Puppies love to untie shoes.

Do you want to play?

Do you want to play with this little ball?" target="_blank">http://

How about you? Let's play with this little ball.

Ha, ha, I got the little ball now!" target="_blank">http://

Hey, Let's play?

How about you in the tunnel? Wanna play?

Who wants to play with this big ball?

Hey, you under the A-frame, Sailor, let's play with the big ball! I know you want it!" target="_blank">http://

I know you want to play with this big ball!

Someone! Come play with this nice big flat ball?

What do you think about playing with this big ball? Wanna play?

Tekla and her pups love to run. But "Chase Me" with a big 52 lb mom in the Agility Wonderland doesn't work so well. Mom is too big for the toys! And besides, she is a little scary! So maybe the ball would be fun to play with. Tekla really doesn't know how to play with the pups in this kind of situation." target="_blank">http://

Bitey face is a game that puppies enjoy with each other. But Mom's mouth is soooooo big it is more like bitey head! And those teeth are huge. So Mom needs some help to learn how to play gently enough. It is a process..." target="_blank">http://" target="_blank">http://

After a little coaching, Tekla plays more gently with Snowflake." target="_blank">http://

Playtime is over. Time to go upstairs. Some like stairs, some not so much." target="_blank">http://

Arrow and Snowflake finally make it up the stairs. "We were taking such a nice nap! We are too sleepy to do stairs."" target="_blank">http://

At the end of the day, Dianna, visitor #31 plays with the wild little critters. This anonymous puppy wanted to eat Dianna's hair!

Saturday May 1 and Sunday May2, Days 53 and 54

Posted by buystuff77 on May 3, 2021 at 7:40 PM

Tekla X Force


Fun in agility Wonderland. The pups are so agile and strong! They are amazing to watch. Deb came back for a second visit." target="_blank">http://

No sound sensitivity in this gang. And no teter fear. They almost scare me when galloping across the room in a mob. Snowflake admires herself in the mirror... no, actually she was looking at me! But then she had to check behind the mirror to see if I was back there. then she recruited several sibs to examine the mirror. They looked unimpressed." target="_blank">http://

Forty five minutes later they are still running around!" target="_blank">http://

Later that day, The big dogs and humans went for a hike at Ross Hills Park." target="_blank">http://

Golly gee! Look at that tree!

Rumble and tumble in the X-pen. Stop pulling my tail! It's hard to eat with you guys doing that!" target="_blank">http://

Mom wants to play too!!!" target="_blank">http://

How can mom play with you guys locked up?" target="_blank">http://

Friday April 30, Day 52

Posted by buystuff77 on May 1, 2021 at 9:50 PM

Tekla X Force


Oh no! We are going to the Vet!!!! The ride in the car was OK, although certain pups felt a need to protest. They rode in the big double crate.

The Vet Tech and I carried them in two at a time for their first round of vaccines and microchipping. Arrow, Snap and Sailor cried out when the big microchip needle poked them between the shoulderblades. But Spider, Sizzle, Snowflake and Cherry said "No big deal!"

Later in the afternoon, Everyone got to go SWIMMING!!!!! Carole, Gina and I posed next to the bridge crossing the creek as Greg took the photo.

The girls romp in the sun before going swimming." target="_blank">http://

We got in a little practice in leash walking on the way to the creek for the swim." target="_blank">http://

The girl dogs thought the water was pretty cold on their toes! I thought so too!" target="_blank">http://

Finally, the first swim!" target="_blank">http://

Boy dogs romp in the grass before swimming." target="_blank">http://

Now the boy dogs get to test the water." target="_blank">http://

They're swimming! Way to go, boy dogs!" target="_blank">http://

Brrr! We're shivering! The warm sun feels so good!" target="_blank">http://

Thursday April 29th, Day 51

Posted by buystuff77 on May 1, 2021 at 9:05 PM

Tekla X Force


The pups are on dry kibble but Snap likes to kick it out of the communal bowl. So we prepared a separate bowl for him and fed him in the bus. Meanwhile, once the kibble had been eaten Cherry escaped and plopped into the other bus! Then Sizzle almost escaped. But later Sizzle joined Cherry. The others try to escape but only Cherry and Sizzle have mastered it. Actually, Cherry escaped 4 times in a 5 minute period, each time falling into the bus. Arrow made a valiant attempt, but he just doesn't have the footwork down yet." target="_blank">http://" target="_blank">http://" target="_blank">http://

I decided to see how fast Snap and Spider could run. Ha! I can still out run them!" target="_blank">http://

Wednesday April 28th Day 50

Posted by buystuff77 on May 1, 2021 at 6:40 PM

Tekla X Force


Visitor number 30 is Debbie Held! WooHoo! We hit my goal of 30 visitors!

Each day the pups become more and more athletic!" target="_blank">http://

Stairs!!! Sizzle and Snap decided to climb the stairs all on their own. They got clear to the top! But I missed getting a video. But after our agility session, everyone wanted to try. In the end they were all successful" target="_blank">http://

I think Sailor has been featured in fewer videos than some of the others. So here he is! He likes to play with people! And he has a very nice retrieve!" target="_blank">http://" target="_blank">http://

Tuesday April 27th 7 Week Birthday!

Posted by buystuff77 on May 1, 2021 at 5:50 PM

Tekla X Force


Happy 7 Week Birthday,


Today they got to chase the pheasant wing outside!

It's Fishing for Airedales!

Sizzle" target="_blank">http://

Arrow" target="_blank">http://

Snap" target="_blank">http://

Snowflake" target="_blank">http://

Cherry" target="_blank">http://

Spider" target="_blank">http://

What happened to Sailor??? Well, we had difficulties with some of the videos, so Sailor's video is from a couple of days later." target="_blank">http://

Sunday & Monday April 25 & 26, Days 47 & 48

Posted by buystuff77 on May 1, 2021 at 5:20 PM

Tekla X Force


We are giving the pups a little crate time so they have had the experience before their trips to their new homes. The crate is right next to the x-pen so they can see, smell and hear their family.

The pups had 7 visitors on Sunday: visitors number 23 through 29! Seven pups can keep seven visitors pretty busy!" target="_blank">http://

Arrow got a chance to play tug in the kitchen with us  without any siblings there to interfere." target="_blank">http://

On Monday we took the big dogs for a walk at Martell Forest.

They like to hike with their frisbees. That also keeps Cava from eating grass and Tekla from grabbing sticks and jabbing us with them!

I also took a little time to make a delicious loaf of sourdough bread, yummmmm!

Thursday and Friday April 22 & 23, Days 43 & 44

Posted by buystuff77 on April 28, 2021 at 9:00 PM

Tekla X Force


Just some videos of life in the litter.

Arrow had a fun play session in the kitchen with the orange ball." target="_blank">http://

Tekla's new suit keeps the puppies at bay." target="_blank">http://


Boy dogs enjoy time outside without the girls." target="_blank">http://

Girl dogs enjoy time outside without the boys." target="_blank">http://

Mommy Tekla loves her Hol-ee Roler Buckey Ball." target="_blank">http://

Wednesday April 21, Day 42

Posted by buystuff77 on April 24, 2021 at 10:35 PM

Tekla X Force


Tekla is tired of the little piranhas wanting to bite her nipples. But she now has a fashionable yellow jumpsuit that locks the little monsters out of the milk bar. We wanted Tek to be able to be with the pups. But since we have weaned them onto kibble, we don't want them sneaking a sip from mom. This jumpsuit does the trick!

Cherry is practicing for the Olympics. This is her signature move." target="_blank">http://

Cherry is studying Moma Tekla as she plays the game she invented... fascinating!" target="_blank">http://

We seemed to take a lot of videos of Sizzle today.  

Littermates can be so annoying! Snap is being a brat!" target="_blank">http://

Sometimes the play gets so rough that I just have to intervene. Airedale pups all play this way. Hopefully they are learning bite inhibition." target="_blank">http://

We are now playing individually with each pup. Sizzle demonstrates our favorite games.

Tug" target="_blank">http://

Chase the pheasant wing. It smells sooo good! All the pups love the wing!" target="_blank">http://

Arrow likes to tug too. But Sizzle protests "Me, Meee, MEEE!!! Play with Me!" You already had your turn, Sizzle!" target="_blank">http://

Sizzle is an expert at tugging on the glove." target="_blank">http://

SNOW!!! What an exciting day!" target="_blank">http://

We didn't think we would have the opportunity to introduce the pups to snow! Great!!!

Sizzle" target="_blank">http://

Arrow" target="_blank">http://

Snap" target="_blank">http://

Snowflake in her element!" target="_blank">http://

Cherry" target="_blank">http://

Sailor" target="_blank">http://

Spider" target="_blank">http://

Mommy Tekla likes snow too!" target="_blank">http://

Boy dogs" target="_blank">http://

Girl dogs" target="_blank">http://

Tuesday April 20, Day 42

Posted by buystuff77 on April 24, 2021 at 9:45 PM

Tekla X Force


Happy Week Birthday!!!!!!!

Here is your delicious Birthday Cake, a combo of soaked and crunchy kibble studdeed with yummy canned food! Soon you will be able to eat dry kibble because you have big sharp teeth!

It was an exciting day They played with Christie. All of the puppies love the pheasant wing!!!" target="_blank">http://

And the tug toy is very popular too." target="_blank">http://

That afternoon, Shelly visited. She is visitor # 21.

Then they cuddled with Greg.

Jill visited next and played in the Agility Wonderland. Visitor #22. How many puppies can fit in the tunnel...4! 

And then they collapsed into dreamland.

Sunday April 18 Day 40

Posted by buystuff77 on April 21, 2021 at 11:30 AM

Tekla X Force


Today is all videos.

We started the day witn mellow play in the whelping box." target="_blank">http://

Next, a series of wild play in the x-pen. I didn't get videos of all the pups playing with the toys. I have a life, you know, ha, ha! I had to make a loaf of sourdough bread after all! So even though I didn't get videos of every pup playing in the x-pen, all do enjoy it.

Cherry likes to tug." target="_blank">http://

And a few minutes later, while the rest of the world sleeps, Cherry discovered that her cave has shrunk! "I used to fit in there!"" target="_blank">http://

Sailor took a turn at thrashing the toys." target="_blank">http://

Tekla wants to play with her pups. But we are in that awkward situation where the pups are eating kibble exclusively, but they would still grab a nipple if given the chance. That would then stimulate Tek to make more milk and that would further delay complete weaning. My goal is to have them on regular, dry puppy kibble by the time they are 7 weeks old." target="_blank">http://

Saturday April 17th, Day 39

Posted by buystuff77 on April 18, 2021 at 6:35 PM

Tekla X Force



We are back in business!

Today Greg and I practiced getting the pups to stand so that we could see their little bodies from the side. Some were cery cooperative. But as you will see, Cherry Berry Quite Contrairy was not one of the cooperators! Arrow also known as "Constant Comment" voiced his opinion, of course.

This video Shows how we got them to stand." target="_blank">http://

These are the results.


Arrow Constant Comment


Snowflake the Thoughtful One

Cherry Berry Quite Contrairy

Sailor the Explorer


At the end of the day, Cherry really showed what she is made of while thrashing the toys in the x-pen. You Go Girl!!!" target="_blank">http://

Friday April 16th, Day 38

Posted by buystuff77 on April 17, 2021 at 8:10 PM

Tekla X Force


Visitor #20 is Beau. He is Scotty's husband.

The pups are now too big for the whelping box. They could escape if we weren't watching them." target="_blank">http://

Time to go outside. Zoe left a nice tunnel for the pups to play in." target="_blank">http://" target="_blank">http://

Several of the pups tasted dandelions." target="_blank">http://

Two pups wandered off and played in the woods." target="_blank">http://

Time to go back inside. The bus is leaving!" target="_blank">http://

Wednesday April 14, Day 36

Posted by buystuff77 on April 17, 2021 at 6:05 PM

Tekla X Force


We started the day by giving the pups a bath! There is a lot of splashing and wiggling. I get almost as wet as the pups!" target="_blank">http://

Greg's job is to dry them.

He then wraps them in a dry towel and hugs them until they are warm.

Then they get back on the bus and cuddle with each other to stay warm.

The pups enjoyed sharing toys in the whelping box. Pretty mellow." target="_blank">http://

We are now introducing some loud sounds to the pups. Popping bubble wrap is loud, but not particularly scary." target="_blank">http://

Vacuuming is a strange sound that they will encounter throughout their lives." target="_blank">http://" target="_blank">http://" target="_blank">http://

A few days ago I had an altercation with the x-pen while I was changing out the floor covering. It looks terrible but it didn't hurt much and doesn't bother me now. However, it reveals the satanic side of my personality! Ahhh, the things we put up with to raise puppies!

The pups spent the afternoon playing in the x-pen. Spider  likes to bite tails!

When the pups moved to the x-pen they got more lively." target="_blank">http://" target="_blank">http://

Visitor # 19 is Zoe. She was an agility student of mine last year.

Spider is quite adventurous. He likes to climb on things and run thru the tunnel." target="_blank">http://

Once again, Arrow is enthralled with himself in the mirror. He is the only pup who has noticed the mirror." target="_blank">http://" target="_blank">http://" target="_blank">http://

Cherry loves to crawl inside of jackets and snuggle. She stayed in Zoe's jacket for about 30 minutes. Zoe injoyed her silliness!

Tuesday April 13th, 5 weeks old

Posted by buystuff77 on April 14, 2021 at 3:25 PM

Tekla X Force


Happy Birthday!!!!!

Pups are 5 weeks old!!!!!

It's a Birthday Party! The pups took the school bus for their first trip  OUTSIDE! At first they were too distracted by all the new things to smell, taste, see, feel and hear, that they weren't interested in their lunch!" target="_blank">http://

But they finally did settle down to eat.

These next photos show the pups exploring this new environment.

And now some videos.

Spider testing out his teeth." target="_blank">http://

Cherry testing out her nose." target="_blank">http://

Puppies get to really run for the first time!" target="_blank">http://

At one point, a group of about 8 vultures drifted over and circled us several times! Unfortunately I didn't get a good photo or video.

Near the end of the day, the pups were definitely tired out by their big day outside, even though it lasted only about an hour.

Most of them fell asleep right after eating.

Snowflake fell asleep WHILE eating!

And Spider fell asleep in the potty box!

This is the end to a very nice Birthday!!!!!

Monday April 12, Day 35

Posted by buystuff77 on April 13, 2021 at 6:05 PM

Tekla X Force


Today we have several short videos, mostly of the pups in the Agility Wonderland. You can really start to see the personalities of the pups. Carole, Gina and I had a great time playing with the pups.

WooHoo! Cherry pees in the potty box! We must celebrate the little victories!" target="_blank">http://

Snap discovers himself in the mirror." target="_blank">http://

Cherry threatens to pull the stitches out of Carole's shoes, just like the pups in Tekla's first litter." target="_blank">http://

Cherry is the first to perform the Teeter! She executes running contacts, of course!" target="_blank">http://

Snap (before video) and then Arrow perform the dogwalk." target="_blank">http://

This is a short but sweet video of Snowflake performing the dogwalk." target="_blank">http://

Bang goes the teeter!" target="_blank">http://

Intrepid mountain climbers." target="_blank">http://

One of the benefits of being the breeder is that the puppies will follow me anywhere. Carole gave me the honorary title "Pied Piper of Puppies"." target="_blank">http://

Sizzle and Cherry execute the A-frame with perfect running contacts! Well, maybe walking contacts is more accurate." target="_blank">http://

More fun on the Rock Pile." target="_blank">http://

Spider bangs the teeter. It is so loud!" target="_blank">http://

Cherry came through the tunnel." target="_blank">http://

Snowflake and Sailor do the tunnel." target="_blank">http://

We had 3 more visitors, #16, 17 and 18.

Sunday April 11, Day 34

Posted by buystuff77 on April 12, 2021 at 2:30 PM

Tekla X Force


I decided the pups needed more mom time. They are happy to stand in line for access to the milk bar!

She willingly feeds them if standing up. That is a free for all, though with constant jockeying for position! Arrow was heard grumbling "Standing sucks!" Research shows that a little adversity, like standing to suckle, teaches the pups how to tolerate adversity, solve problems - even if that means pushing your brother off the nipple! Tekla thinks nursing is boring from her perspective, so she likes to play bitey face, but that upsets some of the customers." target="_blank">http://

Lounging is definitely more satisfying to the milk bar customers!" target="_blank">http://

Our new visitor is Scotty! She is visitor # 15." target="_blank">http://

Sat. April 10, Day 33

Posted by buystuff77 on April 10, 2021 at 9:35 PM

Tekla X Force


Under construction

Four new visitors came to see the pups today. That brings our total to 14 different people, so far.


A little girl

A young boy

Their mom

The pups were entertaining to watch play on the Agility Wonderland!" target="_blank">http://" target="_blank">http://

The pups were trying to figure out how to untye these shoes but they had no laces!" target="_blank">http://

Sizzle learned to play soccer!" target="_blank">http://

We went upstairs to watch the pups play in the x-pen and Tekla enjoyed playing tug with the people. The pups were fascinated to see their mom in action." target="_blank">http://

Snowflake appeared to be studying mom's technique!" target="_blank">http://

The pups were as entertaining as their mom was." target="_blank">http://" target="_blank">http://

The pups have been trying out their new teeth on each other's ears, noses, tails and legs. It was getting pretty rowdy this evening so I tossed in some toys for them to play with instead. I had to lock Tekla out of the room because she kept hopping in the whelping box, grabbint the toys and running out of the room with them!" target="_blank">http://