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Oh Happy Day!!! 2009

The terrific twelve

Cuddles from mom

Sweet Dreams

Cava at 6 weeks


It could be nap time...

Learning sit at 13 weeks



The pups at 2 years old

Cava WooHoo!!!

Cava happy to be on the dogwalk

Cava tipping the teeter at Nationals

Cait Obedience Scent Articles

Cait in Rally Obedience

Cava Loves Obedience!!!

Cava running to retrieve her bird

Force in his Junior Retriever Test

Force Loves Water Retrieves!

Cait at the 'coon tree in a Fur Test

Capella ratting in Barn Hunt

Cait's first of four MACH titles

Kisses from Cait


Cait the Erudite Airedale!

Cait top Airedale at AKC Agility Invitational 2013

What a good weekend of Obedience!

A Pedigree indicates what a dog should be.

Conformation indicates what a dog appears to be.

But PERFORMANCE indicates what a dog actually is.

-Author unknown, unfortunately

Eclipse Airedales

German Working Dog


We breed infrequently, once per generation

Eclipse Airedales excel in Agility, Obedience, Rally, Hunting, Tracking and Barn Hunt



**News Flash**

Our next Litter is due

March 9th,


It looks like all puppies are spoken for.

 But I'm happy to recommend other breeders.

To see more info about parents of the litter and also about the puppies who went home in September 2020, go to the Blog page by clicking on bar at the top of this page

To see Health Certificates for the parents, go to Photos page




Summary of Accomplishments from our 2009 litter and their mother Cait, as of 2020. 

At age 11, several of the "pups" are still competing in agility.

Cait 64 AKC Titles Obed 1 HC - MACH 4, PAX 4, PACH 2, JH-Fur UDX OM1 MFB MXB2 MJS2 TQX T2B PAX2 MXP5 MXPS MJP6 MJPS RAE AAD SG SJ ASA CD-H RL3 RATS CGC, plus these honors: AKC Agility Invitational 10 years in a row, 2013 Top Airedale AKC National Agility Invitational, Top Preferred Airedale in AKC Agility 2017

Ace 3 AKC Titles CD BN RN

Cava 58 AKC Titles MACH 2, UDX2 OM3 MXG MJC MXP2 MXPB MJP2 MFB T2B3 TQX BN CD-H RAE RL1 RATS, plus these honors: Obedience 1 HC, 4 HIT, Rally 4 HC, AKC National Agility Invitational 4 times, Obedience Invitational Top Airedale and 4th Place Terrier, Top Airedale Obedience Classic, Rebecca Cree Raccoon Tracking Award, Fastest Airedale BDA Power 10 for 6 years, ATCA High Scoring Airedale Bred By Exhibitor


Force AKC 16 Titles CD BN JH MX MXJ XF RATO, plus this honor: Rebecca Cree Raccoon Tracking Award

Griff 19 AKC Titles OTCH UDX2 PUTD OM4 RAE2 TD plus these honors: Obedience 11 HIT, 7 HC, Rally 13 HC

Laser 18 AKC Titles UD PUTD BN GN GO Ver Rae JH NA NAJ OAP OJP NF MFT, plus this honor: Rebecca Cree Raccoon Tracking Award

Frazier 3 AKC Titles RN TKI

Neville 15 AKC Titles RN MX MXB MXJ MJB XF CGC; other agility venue DOCNA Gold NAC Award, National Gold Medalist-Competition Level 2014, National Silver Medalist-Competition Level 2012 and 2013, C-BAA, C-IAA, C-SAA, C-BSLA, C-ISLA, C-SSLA, C-BJA,C-IJA, C-SJA, C-BGA. C-IGA, C-SGA, plus these honors: AKC National Agility Invitational 1 time

Punch 9 AKC Titles CD BN RN OA AXJ NF

Ripple 37 AKC Titles MACH3 PACH MXC MJB3 MXP3 MXPB MJP4 MJPB PAX OF T2B, plus these honors: AKC National Agility Invitational 2 times

Explanation of Titles


MACH Master Agility Champion Title (AKC)

PACH Performance Agility Champion

PAX Performance Agility Excellent title


Obedience Trial Champion (OTCH)

Utility Dog Obedience Excellent Titles (UDX)

Obedience Masters Titles (OM)

UOCH (UKC Obedience)

Rally Advanced/Excellent Title (RAE)

Obedience or Rally High in Trial (HIT)

High Combined Rally or Obedience (HC)

Obedience Masters titles OM


Junior Hunter Title (AKC Spaniel Retrieving Test)

Senior Hunter Fur Title (Raccoon Tracking)

Times Rebecca Cree Memorial Raccoon AwardFirst Airedale to earn Barn Hunt Senior Title (RATS)


Tracking Dog Title (TD)

Therapy Dog Certified (TDI)

Canine Good Citizen (CGC)

AKC Medal for Breeder-Owner Champion

AKC Breeder of Merit Designation 

Over 150 working titles in AKC, CDSP, DOCNA, ATCA events earned by the 2009 litter by the time they were 4 years old

The litter had 12 pups and 10 of them compete - as of March 2014, they had 94 AKC titles and many more non-AKC titles

***Our dogs are***


Cait is only the 13th Airedale to ever earn the UDX Obedience title and was Top Airedale at the AKC 2013 Agility Invitational. imported from Germany as a pup. Now at the Rainbow Bridge.

Cava - MACH Eclipse Effervescence UDX OM1 MXS MJS MXF T2B BN CD-H RAE RL1 RATN (10 years old and still competing in agility; both parents German imports, she was bred by us)

Cava has been #1 Airedale for JWW and STD in the Agility Breed Power Top 10 speed ranking since 2014 (the fastest agility Airedale in the US): average speed STD 4.25 yps, JWW 5.14 yps.

Tekla Neon Eclipse von Erikson OA OF NJ BN RI (2 years old). Imported from Germany. Since she has not titled in the Excellent level of AKC agility yet, she is not listed in the Agility Breed Power Top 10. But she is faster than Cava.


Our thoughts on Working Airedales...

"Working ability" in Airedales is a complex trait that can be enhanced in a breeding program, if given priority. 

To demonstrate that high standards are maintained, working ability of individual dogs must be rigorously proven generation after generation.

We believe that a lineage with consistent Masters-level achievement in competitive dog sports will produce dogs that can excel in any task from a young age.

Our goal at Eclipse Airedales is to continue this tradition.

Eclipse Airedales are from imported German bloodlines bred for over 20 generations to enhance working ability. The photos at the left show our dogs competing in Agility, Obedience, Rally, Hunt Tests and Barn Hunt. You can see their happy attitudes. Playing training games are what our dogs live for!

Happy 9th Birthday to Cait!

On her birthday, August 9th 2015, we enjoyed a few runs at a local agility trial. Cait placed first in Preferred 20 inch class! She earned 25 PACH points that day. Exactly 7 years prior, on her second birthday, Cait and I earned her first MACH points! It was fun to think back over our wonderful journey together. As you can see from the video, the fun and the journey continue!

I love you Cait!


We are also happy to recommend other breeders of high drive working Airedales!!!



Video links to show working ability of Cait and Cava. To see videos of Tekla, look at the Blog page.

(click on video name in green)

Cava Videos

Cava in Barn Hunt

First time, 2 rats

Cava competing in AKC Novice Rally (Perfect score of 100)

1st trial ever, Rally at age 1 year

Cava's first day in the water and first water retrieve

1st day ever swimming, nice retrieve to hand at age 8 months

Cava 6 months old playing Schutzhund puppy

Schutzhund tug


Cait Videos

Cait retrieves from water at 2 years old

First day meeting a duck, enthusiastic water retrieve

Cait in Barn Hunt

First time, 2 Rats


Videos of Cait and her 2009 litter of pups

Birth of an Eclipse Airedale puppy

Cait playing tug with daughter Cava at age 12 weeks

Whole litter playing on baby agility equipment

View many more videos of Eclipse Airedales on YouTube AgileCait

To view larger pedigree for Cava, copy this link into your browser:

Contact us by typing this e-mail address without the spaces:

buystuff77 at hotmail . com

Or call 765 - 714 - 2019

Or use the contact page


Eclipse Airedale Puppy Application Form below.

All of Tekla's 2020 puppies are spoken for. Our next breeding will be in about a year from now with puppies available in November 2021.

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